Our Stories album artwork

I. Prologue

Who knows, who knows / How it will be tomorrow / I had a dream about it / It was so clear / You know, you know / How it was yesterday / I had to think about it / And shed a tear / Wasn't it enough to watch them die / A million times / In their eyes and in their child / You saw yourself / Over the hill, there's another one still to climb / Up, up, up / Behind the wall, there's another one waiting to fall down / The rabbit warren doesn't end until it's gone / Over the hill, behind the wall

II. The Rest Of Our Lives

Look how far we've come / We've got farther to go now / But what's done is done / There's no use in looking back now / So long, so long / Yesterday's gone / We were young, once before / Farewell, farewell / Don't tell me I'm out of time / We've got the rest of our lives / There are places to go / There are places to be now / When I'm with you I feel / That living can come easily / There will be ups and downs / There will be defeats and victories / This world will wait for us / And I'll be waiting at the edge of the seas

III. The Messenger

Must have been you who held that flag up for me / What would I do if the blood you spilled was for nothing / I never knew we were so messed up / Could have been me who held that gun to your head / COuld have been you who broke that girl in her bed / I never knew we were so messed up inside / He's coming for us in the morning / He's coming for us I'll be running / Going back to the ghost of my religion / He's coming for us / He's coming / Should have been me who cast his sword to the ground / What did you see in the boy I lost that you found / Must have been blind to let you into my heart / What did you find when you looked in the deepest part / I never knew we were so messed up / I never knew we were so messed up inside

IV. President's Lullaby

Hold still, while I break your heart, dig up the past, and bury what we lost / Some of us have crossed the line / And waited all our lives for just one ride / Gather round, while I make you mine / We haven't got a lot of time / To make things right the wrong way / Back to front and side to side, we must fight / Some of us have missed the boat / And waited all our lives to make it home / Well we started out with nothing / And we ended up with world / I grew up to be the president / And you said you'd found the Lord in ourselves / Some of us have lost our way / And waited all our lives to make it pay / Turn back but don't turn to stone / Your heart is aching to the bone / But there is more where love came from / It's in between the lines of every song / Some of us have given up / And waited all our lives to have enough

V. Old Toys


VI. Robin Hood

Head into the country, gonna get myself a gun / Ride into a small town, rob a bank and get shot down / I know it may sound lonely, but a man's got to die somehow / Can't stand this poverty around me, bodies buried in my mind / Robin Hood, where have you gone / I saw your picture on a lamppost / Robin Hood, where is your tongue / I saw your convoy at the crossroads / They say you sold your soul for paddles and a golden lifeboat / Robin Hood, what have you done / I saw you setting sail for where I don't know / Head into the city, gonna get myself a job / Selling dreams for money, buy a house and get tied down / I know it may sound silly, but a man's got to live somehow / Can't stand these faces looking at me, like I'm crawling on the ground

VII. Child's Poem

Crossed the river, he the chosen one to deliver bullets wrapped in false endeavours / Paper-thin daydreams of heathens hanging in the breeze / Who shall see him, we blindfolded and charged with treason of the human heart condition / Squatter camp and golden mansion / There is no Genie's lamp / Where did the children go / Come for me now / I't my final hour / Come for me now / What's sweet must turn sour / I remember how I threw it all away / Now it's gone ? We should have kept it somewhere safe, somewhere safe / Who shall save us, we the Violence seeking Justice / For the price that we must pay for in others' blood / I've seen their bible / It's written in our words / Where did the children go

VIII. I Don't Want To Be A Martyr

We were polishing our school shoes and listening to the radio / And wondering where time would go and if it would take us along / And thinking of assassinating presidents or movie stars / Go high or low, don't go at all, they'll make it worth your while to fall / But you and I just travelling on a road to down below / They tell me that the only way to get to heaven is through hell / So why don't we make a stop at the petrol station for some coffee / Muse about the time when we were young, and when we thought we knew it all / I don't want to be a martyr for your cause / We were breaking into houses and stealing television sets / And lying in hospital beds, regretting all those cigarettes / Don't tell me how to live my life, 'cause you know I'm just gonna wind up dead / Look up there at the UFOs, they're coming down to save us from / The boredom of the planet Earth, the strip clubs and the Sunday service / Flush it all down the drain / It's not worth saving anyway / So why don't we go outside, the music in here is too loud / We'll talk and share a bottle, and maybe we'll start falling for / Let's just go to where I don't know / There must be a place where we can laugh and cry and start a fight / Come on let's go / Let's leave behind that load / There must be a place where we can feel like we're alive / We were blowing off our dates to save the world from domination / But if we could all be Superman then World War III is a competition / If only we could outrun all the gunslingers and politicians / Rob a bank and make a break and drive our getaway car / Until memories all catch up with us, and tie us down and wait for backup / If you could take my handcuffs off then I would wash away your makeup / Why don't we plead guilty to our dreams and our convictions / If there's anything worth living for it's not to be a victim anymore

IX. Circles

Walked up a mountain, barefoot and frightened of losing our crescent of this full moon / We are the same one who prays by his bedside, listening to silence replying too soon / We are kings of England / We are street kids around the bend / We are popes and prisoners / We're all children inside our heads / Counted the stones of the Great Wall of China, fearing the loss of our knowledge and strength / Apollo awaiting his orders from NASA, Rome looked so small from up there in space / We are Cowboys and Indians / We are dolphins without fins / We are neighbours and lovers / We are soldiers and mothers / Somewhere out at Hatred Sea we are lost in this triangle looking for circles of love / Sat in the boardroom of bankers and lawyers, hearing the good things that money can bring / We are the same one who drinks by the roadside, jealous of Adam, and dreaming of Eve / We are living a hailstorm / We are dying like stillborns / We are reaching for angels / But our wings are too small

X. Words


XI. Monsters

I saw my life flash before my eyes, it was black and white / Your mother and my father / We are left behind, moving furniture and looking for the people we were / Dancing in the ashes and the dust / I watched the sunset from the old treehouse / The sky was apple-red, the clouds were Apollo's bedspread / My brother told me: "Vampires feed at night and men turn into werewolves at full moon" / We were cops and robbers in the afternoon / I thought about the monsters in the cupboard / I remember hiding in the toolshed / I used to have my cross but they still found me there, from under the bed / I wondered how I had come so far with only scars and bruises, photographs in boxes / I threw them all away, and took one last dive in the swimming pool until a quarter to five / When the sky changed, the flying saucers came / Time to move on / The Sun is down / Monsters come out to find us in the dark, holding candles to our hearts / Put them out with tears

XII. Our Story

Lost my way until I found your face / It was beautiful but I fell from Grace / You forgave me and then you saved me with eyes of mercy and a heart of pain / Now our story starts / We'll go on and on and on / They're not going to stop us now / We'll go on and on and on / Born inside of a cold closed mind / I was blinded by all those things they tell you / You came along with the Moon in your arms and the Sun on your back / And you gave them to me

XIII. She's Gone

What did we do that was wrong / They didn't give us a chance / We were left stranded out there / Wondering where we should start / But it's easy to fall when there's no one to catch you / It's easy to flee when there's no one to stop you / When it is morning her memory will haunt you / But she's gone, she is far away / You will love again / We will find ourselves in the pouring rain / And our tears will be outnumbered a million to one / And you'll ask yourself why, what's done is done / It's easy to run when there's no one to chase you / It's easy to drown when there's no one to save you / When it is morning her memory will haunt you / It's easy to fade when there's nobody watching / Now she's gone

XIV. The Real Thing

This time we'll bide a while / And listen to our mother's words / Instead of all the things we heard / Telling us to fake it / This time we'll hug our knees / And drink of life instead of taking sips like people on TV / Telling us to waste it / I want to be somebody worthy / I want to search for the ends of the earth / I want to make do with throwing it all away / For the Real Thing / Sometimes I look back on the days that I have seen / It all seems so surreal / That I forgot to breathe / Sometimes I lie awake at night / And wonder why my life is slipping by / And I am just a stranger / This time we'll run outside without our clothes on in the morning / Find a place to spend the whole day keeping ourselves warm / This time we'll bare our souls / Our eyes will lead us to the truth / If we can see through windows to the boy lost in his room

XV. Epilogue / Wherever These Feet Take Me